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Mechanical Services

Our Mechanical Services

BIW Process

3D Concept Design

Simulation Analysis

2D Detailing

Bill of Materials

Robotic Simulation

Layout study and planning

Pre-engineering Process design and validation

Weld study & Distribution

Weld gun selection

Weld gun Kinematics

Fixture Validation

EOAT Validation

Gun Validation

Robot path planning & optimization

Sequence Creation

OLP generation and Documentation

Computer Aided Engineering


Linear & Non Linear Analysis

Static & Dynamic Analysis

Contact / Impact / Crash Analysis

Manufacturing Capabilities

Design and manufacturing of pressure die cast Casting Dies, Injection Moulds, Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures

Development of Inspection Fixtures & Jigs

Precision CNC Milling and Turning components

Automotive, Aerospace and Hydraulic components

Alloy steel castings

Aluminium and Zinc castings

Progressive stamping dies

Stamping/bending dies for hybrid

BIW Fixture Design

Ergonomic Study

Concept Design

2D Detailing

Bill of Materials

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