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About Us

We are a product development and engineering services company. We are committed to deliver world class products and services to our customer.

We also provide highly skilled workforce who seamlessly support and interact with our clients to cater to their challenging and innovative products.

Our Vision

“ To create products that enable life style, productivity and deliver best in class engineering services to our customer.”

Our Mission

To be a company that creates products before anyone could think and deliver services of superior quality.


Industrial solutions

We offer comprehensive Engineering and Manufacturing capabilities to aid in the creation, modification, analysis and optimization of engineered products and we strive to adhere to any customer specific design standards.

Software Development

Future of healthcare industry is advancing and changing continuously. Our healthcare IoT ecosystem is driven by our solutions to meet customer needs and integrate patient devices with our platform, IoT data is protected and encrypted to the highest standards.


To manage and deliver customized RPO service towards individual clients, Neutrinos Solutions follows a diagnosis led approach. The four steps outlined below helps in clients knowing what they want and enable them in recognizing RPO as a solution for specific problem.


Create world class products and drive innovation through our end-end engineering capabilities.

Strong pedigree in product design and manufacturing engineering solutions.

A wide array of Engineering Solution Expertise in BIW, Seating, Interiors, Exteriors, Tooling, Powertrain and Chassis, Technical Publications.


We specialize in providing accurate and standardized Digital Mock-Up products to our customers.

We deliver optimal design solutions at each stage of the lifecycle for enhanced reliability and performance.

Our proficiency in the CAD platform enables us to assist our customers from the Concept Design to Reverse Engineering.

  • Concept Design
  • Interior Trim Components
  • Powertrain Components
  • Plastic Parts
  • Sheet metal Design
  • Reverse Engineering.
  • Large Assembly Creation
  • Parametric Modeling
  • Digital Mock-Up


CFD being an advanced form of Finite Elemental Analysis method which predicts and validates the Fluid-structure interactions. Our team of experts offers their value-added services in the CFD platform from Flow-Study to Design Optimization.

  • Compressible and incompressible Flows
  • Transient and Steady state Flows
  • Laminar and Turbulent Flows
  • Fluid-Structure interaction Multiphase Flow
  • Heat Transfer
  • Design Change Recommendations
  • Optimization


Structural integrity validation through FEA is a quality determining process in the Product Development Phase. Our Team of skilled engineers and industrial experts provide the following services in the FEA platform:

  • Statics Analysis: Linear, Non-Linear, Fatigue
  • Buckling, Creep Fracture, Explicit and Implicit Analysis.
  • Dynamic Analysis: Nodal and Harmonic.
  • Frequency response analysis, Response Spectrum
  • Bump, Gunfire, Crash Analysis
  • Transient Response Analysis, Random, Shock
  • Thermal Analysis: steady state, Transient thermal analysis.


With the ever-changing needs of the market place, automakers are providing better designed and pristine quality interiors for exceptional customer experience. We at Neutrinos assist our customers by providing a wide range of Product Design and Study services such as :

  • Design and Development of Cup Holders, MMI Screen, Ashtray,
  • Design and Development of Instrument Panel and Console
  • Concept Development
  • Release Drawing creation
  • GD&T Tolerance stack up
  • Mechanism Study
  • Kinematics Study
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Legacy Conversion
  • Tooling Feasibility study.


Our comprehensive BIW Capabilities constitutes of Simulation, Process Planning and Design & 2D detailing. We ensure that our customers receive quality products to drive their businesses effectively.

We manufacture quality jigs,fixtures,mylars


Our services offered cut across multiple industry verticals providing operational excellence, in-depth domain and functional knowledge.

When handling complaints, speed is of the essence. The faster you react, the easier it will be to resolve.!

The BPM Industry in India is a global leader with revenues of over USD 28 billion annually. The industry also focuses on building best practices to ensure customer data is safe and secure in the country.


Neutrinos Solutions team is well versed in domain knowledge and quality driven processes. The services can be customized to suit client requirements. A sample of our expertise is listed below


Our services offered cut across multiple industry verticals providing operational excellence, in-depth domain and functional knowledge.

Product Development

Neutrinos Solutions Accreditations Software

(NSAS) is a hospital quality management solution that enables healthcare facilities to follow and implement the quality management processes and their efforts towards leading accreditation bodies like JCI, ACHSI, NABH, and achieve increased levels of quality and safety for service and care delivery. By applying NSAS to healthcare facility, quality champions & administrators can benefit from identifying ways to improve internal processes that will ream more quality outcomes for their patients. Moreover, the solution will ensure that benchmarking of processes as per the accreditations

NSAS is developed using the latest open source technologies like Java, Life ray framework and HTML5. It is completely secure, cloud based solution which can be accessed across multiple departments using a web browser. Alternatively, the solution can be easily hosted locally in the server. The solution uses Lucene based search for faster access to data and provides optimal performance. Finally, our multiple user authentications provide secure access to the application, based on the roles.


  • Manages quality indicators, committees, meetings, trainings, licenses and SOPs
  • Helps improve the clinical auditing, incident reporting and RCA procedures
  • Helps sharing of best practices
  • Monitor against benchmarks and compare with the best using dashboards
  • Mitigate risks by maintaining ongoing compliance. Identify and correct non conformance immediately with notifications
  • Continual performance monitoring & optimization
  • Reduction in administrative burden & costs
  • Reduction in duplication & manual processes
  • Improves inter-departmental communication and support activities

NS MEDSOL (Hospital Management Software)

NSMEDSOL is developed using the latest technologies such as Java, JSF Primefaces and HTML5. Our system is developed to deploy in Linux based servers, providing a stable and efficient functioning and reducing any kind of licensing fees. Secondly, the cloud enabled web interface allows whole suite of advanced healthcare practices to be accessed without huge investments from multiple facilities. Thirdly, the usage of Lucene based search provides faster access to data and provides optimal performance. Fourthly, our multi user authentications based on the roles provide secure access to the application. Finally, having a core team for quality checking using test driven frameworks, we make sure that the application is free from any quality issues.


  • Framework based with layered applications architecture
  • Platform independent. HMS is built on open standards and support Linux based platforms
  • Web based architecture
  • Database vendor neutral
  • Client usage through browser (with cross browser compatibility) and /or based on handheld devices
  • HIS mapping Standard Operating Process (SOP) work flow of the hospital
  • Integration capability with clinical middleware
  • International Healthcare Compliances such as HL7/IHE, ICD-10CM, HIPPA, DICOM Version 3.0
  • Drug Database (Third Party can be integrated)
  • Single Sign on for all modules
  • Ability to track and eliminate revenue leakage
  • Provide an auditable and secure trail of all financial transactions
  • Provide an auditable and secure trail of all financial transactions
  • Availability of key patient information across all doctor /ward/ nurse stations
  • Adequate centralized backup/restore/archive facility for critical data
  • Easy to integrate with existing or to be deployed resources


  • Monitor lighting systems and power usage across inter and intra locations across sites.
  • Remote diagnostics, upgrades and support
  • Alert related to malfunctioning devices connected
  • Site requirements gathering dynamically
  • Monitor lighting system energy usage
  • See the outage device
  • Control the devices remotely
  • View alerts from the devices
  • Implement energy plans and Implement automated time-of-day usage templates as to not expend unnecessary energy.
  • Locate support providers and contact them directly.
  • Send messages to dealers or other maintenance personnel to notify them of lighting outages.


Future of healthcare industry is advancing and changing continuously. Our healthcare IoT ecosystem is driven by our solutions to meet customer needs and integrate patient devices with our platform, IoT data is protected and encrypted to the highest standards. Blockchain services are used for protected transactions, safe storage of data, and transparency in the flow of data. Our solutions are aimed at providing preventive, proactive, predictive care and post operative or treatment care


IIoT platform provides the ability to analyse and visualize this data in real-time, and enables operational decisions on shop floor. Our solution enables remote monitoring of production lines and predictive maintenance capabilities. The factory wide interconnectivity drives supply chain to production systems. Smart energy snd metering solutions optimise cost.


"Talent Acquisition strategy and processes have not been given the necessary importance and thought in strategic decision making. Process management and Recruitment consulting results in excellence in talent management and requires considerable top management mindshare"

Our Human Resources consultants have extensive experience in helping companies innovate; creating significant positive impact on their operating margins. Our success is measured by our client's ability to achieve their talent acquisition business goals and sustain their competitive advantage through continuously meeting their recruitment objectives in the long term.

The recruitment consulting practice at Neutrinos Solutions approaches client engagements by categorizing the key talent acquisition activities and deliverables into two separate buckets. Business Intelligence which relates to market information, planning and advisory services. Operational and Strategic services offered to the clients help to improve ways and methods of their current talent acquisition output and results.

We don't stop at submitting recommendations and outlining a plan for implementing recommendations. Neutrinos Solutions team have human resources consultants and talent acquisition experts who can lead the implementation effort and support clients to achieve their objectives.

Our recruitment consulting practice also provides outplacement services for our clients. Qualified Human Resources and outplacement consultants provide career advisory services and facilitate talent acquisition function for clients sourcing through our outplacement service.

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I subscribe to Neutrinos Solutions's view that history is not just about what we were before but who we are now.


Neutrinos Solutions recognizes the necessity of expertise and process management in a rapidly changing economic scenario. The recruitment process outsourcing service incorporates speed, flexibility and accountability to the recruitment process

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